Hypnotist Mr. Popatbhai M. Shah is the founder president of our association and he is found of hypnosis and has studied a lot about hypnosis for since last so many years he is arranging stage shows on hypnotism successfully.

​To remove misconception about hypnotism & to spread this wonderful science which has number of advantages this can be used by the person for their day to day life and to improve the mind power. This Association is formed namely Sixth Sense Research Association & Holistic Medicine in 1990 with the Co-operation and help of senior most hypnotherapist Late Dr. J.V. Rao & Son of Shri Popatbhai M. Shah Hypnotherapist & Mind programmer B. Kumar, Mr. Ajitbhai Thanawala, Dr. Sudhir O. Shah, Dr. Shirishbhai L. Shah Dr. (Mrs.) Nipa D. Shah.

​The ultimate aim of the association is to the spread the science of Hypnotism. By enlightening the advantages of hypnotism by giving free lecture cum demonstration on all India basis, to the educational institution, and also to give people a result oriented drugless therapy for resolving all their psychological problems.

​Association is also making research in pre birth and re-birth which is a very rare event in the country and is also working to give the fastest results to get rid of psychological problems.

​Number of times we have distributed fruits & medicines to the patients in municipal hospitals. We had also given free hypnotherapy treatment to Local & out station Patients, who are suffering from Psychological problems or nervous breakdowns. During the violence in Jan. 1993, number of persons has been treated free of charge to resolve their psychological & psychosomatic problems.

​Since more than past 13 years our association (B. Kumar) & Fun Magic (Magician Chandresh Panchmatia) arranges the programmes to EXPOSE MIRACLES done by Babas.

​For the First Time in INDIA we have performed “SPOON BENDING”.

​Especially for students we are arranging courses in Memory training & Personality Development.

​We are regularly arranging free lecture cum demonstration for SSC & HSC students through out mumbai to make them confident, fearless & improve their memory, and how to overcome examination fear. We also conduct seminars & workshops on selfhypnosis in Gujarati, Hindi & English through out India. We are also arranging free guidance camps for psychological & psychosomatic disorders, in different cities round the year.

​We have also conducted a workshop on ESP (Extra sensatory perception) by Dr. Gracilla from USA & also conducted a workshop on Hypnosis with the co-operation of Mr. Pradip Agrawal, director of Institute of Mind control & development Calcutta.

​We have also conducted free lectures for general public on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by Dr. Reza, London. We are also conducting Special Course for the Students of Martial Arts (for Black Belt holder Karate Students) to improve there confidence and concentration to make success in martial arts.


​We are arranging a special camp for hypnotherapic treatment for H.S.C./ S.S.C. Board results due to which students who failed/get unsatisfactory are willing to commit suicide or feared.We are arranging Training Classes for Magic during the vacation. We have also started a new Hypno Library, which is the only of its kind in Asia.

​We have made seven different audio CD's for the benefits of general public & students, in Gujarati & Hindi 1. Positive Suggestions for self Hypnosis, 2. Improve Memory (Specially for Students), 3. Speed Learning (Specially for students), 4. Instant Sleep, 5. Automatic Writing, 6. Stop smoking & Tobacco Chewing, 7. Art of Relaxation. We are also planning to make some New more audio CD's. We are also planning to introduce self improving audio CDs in English.

​We are regularly arranging lecture cum demonstration programs in Mumbai, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Porbunder, Amreli, Morbi, Keshod, Pune, Sangli, Delhi, Agra, Calcutta, Durg, Bhilai, Jamshedpur, Gorakhpur, Matheran, Lonawla, Mahabaleshwar, Lucknow, Ujjain etc. In near future we are going to publish a book specially for student to improve their memory recall ability, technique of Studies, concentration and effective studies in minimum time period.

​This will help students to remain confident & healthy physically as well as mentally during examination period.

​We are also going to publish a new book on Hypnosis.

​We deeply regrets the sudden demise of Our founder president & asia's senior most hypnotherapist Dr. J. V. Rao He Passed away on 1.10.1998.

​Mr. Mahavir M. Shah Hypnotist and our active member who used to take care of outstation programmes. He passed away on 15.2.2001.