Late dr. j.v.rao


Mr. Popatbhai m. shah

is the base pillar of Sixth Sense Research Association & Holistic Medicine (SSRAHM) He is the Founder-President of the Association. Many activities are done under his guidance like giving free lecture-cum-demonstration of Hypnotism, distribution of fruits in Hospitals, Aids to other Associations, guidance to students and psychologically ill Patients, Medical camps, Training programs on self- hypnosis, arranging lectures of national and international personalities on different subjects of alternative medicines, etc.

​Mr. Popatbhai is connected with stage-activities from last more than 50 years. He has very vast knowledge of Hypnotism and is a Hypnotist also. He has organized many shows on Hypnotism of many different Hypnotists of India & abroad too. He has organized many stage shows of different well known magicians and he has also organized & produced many dramas & other variety entertainment programs. He got inspiration to establish one association for Hypnotism to remove misunderstandings about Hypnotism and bring awareness about its uses to the general public, which he did it after suffering many hardships. The best part of his nature is encouraging the members of the Association for doing more and more activities. He is awarded “Gem of Alternative Medicine” by the International Congress on Alternative Medicine on the World Aids Day at Calcutta. He has traveled number of times allover world for researching on the subject of Hypnosis.

​More over he was organizer of world famous musical orchestra MAHESH KUMAR AND PARTY for more than three decade.

​At the age of 79, he is still giving guidance & spreading awareness about the beautiful science of mind which is Hypnotism. He is truly a wonderful inspiration for all of us.

popatbhai m. shah




right from childhood was in the science of occult. And even in school days he used to perform Magic shows and later on after completing his studies, he joined Air force as a Ground Engineer and he had opportunities to visit lot of places and met people who knew hypnotism. Gradually, he became more and more interested in hypnotism and even at that time he used to relieve his friends from headache etc. by hypnotism. And after leaving Air force he took degree in Naturopathy and then he was practicing Hypnotherapy and Naturopathy for 40 years. He has treated hundreds of patients with psychological & psychosomatic disorders with Hypnotherapy. He was the founder President of SIXTH SENSE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION & HOLISTIC MEDICINE (SSRAHM) and he had given many Lecture cum Demonstrations all over India on Hypnotism.

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines had presented him Gold Medal at 2nd International Congress of Alternative Medicines, Calcutta. On 8th April 1995. Dr. Rao had been awarded “SHIROMANI AWARD” at 5th International congress of Alternative Medicine held in Calcutta. Dr. Rao was also associate member of International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association of U.S.A.

On 1-10-1998, Dr. J. V. Rao - Asia’s senior most hypnotherapist passed away. His death was a huge loss to our association & also to the field of Hypnotherapy & Alternative Medicine. May his soul rest in peace.


is a doctorate in naturopathy and he is the youngest hypnotist in India and has made a name for himself by giving over 1800 shows allover India. He has been giving stage shows since last 39 years and holds a world record of giving maximum programs in minimum time. To popularize Science of Hypnosis and to avoid misconception regarding HYPNOTISM, he is giving Lecture Cum Demonstration absolutely FREE OF CHARGE for student at high schools and colleges allover India under banner of SIXTH SENSE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION & HOLISTIC MEDICINE (SSRAHM) (a registered Association) of which he is the founder Treasurer. For the past 29 years he is practicing Hypnotherapy.

​B. Kumar has been awarded Gold Medal at 2nd International Congress of Alternative Medicine, held by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines at Calcutta. B.Kumar has been also awarded as “CHUDA SAPUT” by chuda Nagarik Mandal. He has been also awarded “SHIROMANI AWARD” at 5th International congress of Alternative Medicine held in Calcutta. Also awarded by Lion’s, Giants, Rotary, Jain Social Group, Jain Jagruti & many more for number of times.

B. Kumar had done Spoon-Bending at one Public Demonstration first time in India.

​B.Kumar is conducting Workshop on Self Hypnosis in 3 different languages in different cities of India.

​B. Kumar is specialized in Hypno-Anaesthesia, Past Life Regression, Painless child birth, Memory Training & Personality Development. He also treats all types of Psychological & Psychosomatic disorders.

B. Kumar is writing Articles for News Paper & Magazine from many years. B. Kumar has made seven different self improving titles of Audio C.D. on Hypnosis for the first time in India in Gujarati & Hindi.

B.Kumar is also associate member of international medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association of U.S.A., Jain Doctor’s Federation, Aum Medical Research Foundation. founder joint secretary of Indian Forum for Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Sciences, Magazine incharge of “Ahinsak Chikitsaa” (Monthly) & member of other Associations.